Sunday, September 27, 2009

Calling all college recruits!

Doesn't he look adora... I mean tough!

We are so proud of you!

Waiting for his turn on defense. Still needing to grow into the uniform a bit!

What better way to enjoy a beautiful fall Saturday morning, then to cheer on one of my favorite nephews as he dominates the opposing team at his football game. I was thrilled to be able to make it to one of Ethan's games and still amazed he is old enough to play with full football gear! He is growing up to be such a handsome and kindhearted boy. I am so proud to be his Aunt and so thankful God brought him into our lives. He has been an amazing blessing to all of us. I am excited to watch Ethan grow with Christ and to see what plans God has for his life. He is a true joy and blessing in my life and I pray that he always keeps Christ at the center of his life. Great job at your game Ethan, you did awesome! Love you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


It has been quite some time since my last post. I have had a few posts in between but nothing really worth posting. I have gotten away from my journaling and feel that it is important for me to get back into it again. Since I was in grade school I have always kept a diary/journal. In grade school my journaling was superficial and really didn't amount to much except for family outings, arguments with my sister and what was happening at school. During my freshman year of college I started to journal on a more regular basis and my journal entries developed into me revealing my heart to the Lord and my daily struggles in walking with Christ. It was always a very intimate and personal time for me. Reading back through some of my entries I find myself battling with different issues and can see how Christ walked with me and guided me through those times.

My last true journal entries were written shortly before I met Tim. I clearly remember journaling about my desire to have a husband and the characteristics I thought I needed in a man. Shortly after that journal entry, I found myself at Applebee's eating dinner with Tim and feeling as though I had known him my entire life. I felt as though he must have found my journal and read every detail of it because each time he spoke he was revealing a characteristic that I had written down and been praying for. God not only revealed how perfectly he answers our prayers but also how they are answered in His perfect time and plan.

Since Tim and I have been married I have fallen away from journaling. Your daily life definitely changes when you are a full time wife and full time teacher. I have found myself journaling at sporadic times but not obediently and consistently as I did in college. I need this time back and I know that Lord has been calling me back to him. It is not enough for me to just have quiet time with him when I find time, I need to make Him my priority and pursue my personal relationship with him more than I pursue anything else. I am not sure why I chose to write about this but this is what is on my mind today. I tend to be a more reserved person with my thoughts and keep a lot of my thinking private. However I am going to try and break out of my shell a bit and be more honest and open with who I am, the struggles I deal with and the blessings the Lord reveals to me. I plan on doing some of my journaling on my blog but also plan on returning to my daily written journal and engage in my quiet time with the Lord once again. Thank you Jesus for your grace, unfailing love, willingness to walk with me in every circumstance and always beckoning me to draw closer to you.