Sunday, December 21, 2008

The TRUE blessing of Christmas

As I take time to really reflect on the Christmas season this year, I find myself filled with many different emotions. I have found myself very busy enjoying all the preparations it takes in preparing for Christmas day. The one item I have somewhat dreaded this year however is our Christmas cards. I came to a point a couple of weeks ago and decided not to do them. Nothing really exciting has happened in our lives this year and the things that we have experienced weren't necessarily what I wanted to share in a Christmas card. However after walking by the stack of Christmas cards resting on our desk, I finally gave in and completed them all but two. I chose not to do a letter in any of the cards but I still wanted to send out a card/picture and let all of our friends and family know we love them and wish them a Merry Christmas. However I had two cards I saved for the end. These are two very dear friends of mine from college that unfortunately I have not talked to for a very long time. I knew my friends would want to hear from me and would want to know the changes that Tim and I experienced this year.

So with two cards left to send out I finally sat down this weekend and decided I would write them both a personal note. I sat down yesterday afternoon and at first decided I would write the note out by hand, the first one got the best of my emotions so I decided to make a couple changes and write a second one. However, by this time my hand was throbbing with pain, my hand clearly is not in shape for hand written notes! Anyway after stopping in the middle of the second note I finally decided to attempt a third one and type this one out. I can't tell you how much of a blessing this Christmas letter turned out to be. God has revealed so much to Tim and I through our miscarriage in September and it is amazing to see the number of blessings we have received despite the pain we have experienced. I am so blessed this Christmas to know that not only is our child in heaven with Christ this Christmas season but that Tim and I have been given the greatest blessing of all and that is our personal relationship with Christ. There are so many things that Tim and I can be thankful for this year but most of all we are thankful for God sending his only son to us so that we can live an eternal life with him. With this amazing gift we will one day be reunited with our child who is already in heaven.

It is so easy to get caught up in the "preparations" of Christmas and overlook the true meaning of Christmas. I am so thankful that God has used this experience and this time of year to really awaken me to the true meaning of Christmas. I found myself wallowing in my self-pity of writing a Christmas card with no exciting news to really share however I was missing the point. Tim and I have the greatest news of all to share and the unexpected "disappointment" has in turn renewed our walk with Christ and opened our eyes to the true gift of all.


Luke 2:10-11